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  • Publication 1:  TIC4.0 White Paper: “An Introduction to the Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC4.0) ” released in March 2021


  • Publication 2:  TIC4.0 Release 2021.001 “Container Handling Equipment Activity and Power Source Concepts and Definitions” released in May 2021


  • Publication 3:  TIC4.0 Release 2021.002 “Move and Cycle: Definitions, Dataset Roadmap and Data Model” released in October 2021


  • Publication 4:  TIC4.0 Release 2022.003 “Semantics, Dataset Roadmap, Data Model and Definitions of Cycle (new update), Carrier Visit, Cargo Visit, Health, Drive and Movement, CHE Data Model (new update) and TOS Data Model (new update)” released in January 2022


  • Publication 5: TIC4.0 Release 2022.004 “Semantics, Dataset, Data Model and Definitions” released in May 2022


  • Publication 6: TIC4.0 Release 2022.005 “Semantics, Dataset, Data Model and Definitions ” released in September 2022


  • Publication 7: TIC4.0 Release 2022.006 “Semantics, Dataset, Data Model and Definitions” released in December 2022


  • Publication 8: TIC4.0 Release 2023.007 “Semantics, Dataset, Data Model and Definitions” released in March 2023


  • Publication 9: TIC4.0 Release 2023.008 “Semantics, Dataset, Data Model and Definitions” released in June 2023

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