Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) is a non-profit making international association under the laws of Belgium and more particularly the Code of Companies and Associations.

The Association has scientific and educational objectives of international utility. Its activities principally include the following:

  • To identify and define the technical vocabulary specific to the terminal industry, starting with the cargo handling industry.
  • To produce a comprehensive body of information on the definitions, terminologies and their application to the operational dimension of the terminal industry, starting with the cargo handling industry.
  • To develop messages and protocols that may be adopted by industry actors for seamless data communication.
  • To facilitate the inter-operability of different information sub-systems, starting with cargo handling.
  • To enable the deployment of the TIC4.0 concepts by all interested industry actors.

In carrying out these objectives, TIC4.0 will base itself on the principles of free enterprise, competition and fair trade in Europe and throughout the world and the promotion of fair and equal regulatory conditions for companies worldwide.

Any discussions and work activities within TIC4.0 will be limited to non-confidential and non-commercial technical issues relevant to the terminal industry such as standards, health & safety, digitalization and environment. Member’s individual company plans or actions will never be discussed.